The Ruined Keep

The ruined keep proves to be full of mysteries...


The party rides all day and arrives at the keep just after nightfall. The party approaches closer on foot, using magic to light their way. Approaching from the east, they come across a portcullis blocking entry. A single zombie tries to attack Aldon through the bars but Aldon easily dispatches him.

The party contemplates climbing the keep’s crumbling forty foot high walls but then decides it should be saved as a last resort. They scout the outer walls of the complex and find a massive section of the southern wall to be collapsed. Everyone makes their way into the courtyard through this opening only to be greeted by half a dozen undead creatures. The party came prepared, however, and dispatched the creatures with little effort.

The party scouted the courtyard and found nothing, not even bodies of the former inhabitants. They then decided to move on to the keep. The iron doors creaked open to reveal even more undead which the party quickly took care of. As they ventured into the corridors of the keep, they came across three human bodies dressed in armor with weapons nearby. The bodies were horribly mutilated and appeared to have been half-eaten. Koil was able to guess that the bodies had not been dead for more than a day or two.

After dispatching a few more undead, the party stumbled into what appeared to be a throne room. A tapestry with a family’s crest was draped across the back of the chamber behind a silver throne. Sitting on the throne was a skeleton in purple robes with a golden crown sitting atop his head. A skeletal warrior dressed in heavy armor stood nearby and drew his sword as the party came into the room. However, the armored skeleton stopped when the crowned skeleton barked out an order.

Only Koil was able to understand the language of the skeletons and realized that the crowned skeleton had said, “Let them speak.” Koil engaged in a conversation with the two skeletons and asked who they were. Neither was able to recall who they were or how they ended up here but they did say that they had been here for what seemed like centuries. Koil then questioned them about whether or not they killed the keep’s inhabitants. The crowned skeleton grew upset at the accusations and demanded that the group leave immediately. When Koil persisted, the armored skeleton drew his sword and reiterated the crowned skeleton’s demand, prompting the rest of the group to draw their weapons. Koil told the armored skeleton “I wasn’t talking to you,” at which point the armored skeleton moved forward, pushed Hermi aside, and attacked Koil.

The party was able to gain the upper hand quickly by cornering the crowned skeleton and then teaming up on the armored skeleton after the crowned skeleton was dealt with. With the two intelligent skeletons taken care of, the party moved to explore the remainder of the first floor. They found a few bottles of wine in the cellar that had survived and the dates on the bottles suggested the wine was centuries old. The fireplace in the kitchen area also had a few scraps of recently burnt parchment though the party didn’t attempt to piece them together. The party also found something that struck Aarissa as very odd in a small bedroom. Several articles of clothing littered the ground; each piece filled with holes and unraveled to the point that the clothes were falling apart. Aarissa figured it would take years for this kind of damage to occur and began piecing together other clues in her head. The crumbling walls, the rusted gate, the dust that covered everything, the wine, and now the clothes…everything pointed to the keep being abandoned much longer than Lady Millicent had let on. Regardless of the deception, the party decided to press on.

The party moved to the second story of the keep and encountered another handful of undead. After defeating the undead in the hallways, the group opened up a door to reveal a library. Inside the library, an elderly man in gray was sitting down, reading a book. He was flanked on either side by two ghouls that sat at attention almost like guard dogs. The party assumed him to be the necromancer and attacked him on sight. The elderly man put up a valiant fight for someone his age and even caused Hermi to flee back downstairs using his dark magic. In the end, though, he was overwhelmed and killed. With him dead, the party was able to get a closer look at him and saw that he was extremely aged; to the point that it was hard to believe he could still be alive. Around his neck the party found a necklace that radiated magic and decided to take it from his corpse and stash it away for identification later.

After clearing two large bedrooms and finding the necklace Lady Millicent described hidden under a floorboard in a closet, the party decided to head back and have a few words with Lady Millicent. As they were making their way back to their horses, they spotted a figure approaching them on foot using a glowing scimitar as a makeshift torch. As the figure grew closer, the party recognized it as Lady Millicent, though she was now wearing leather armor and wielding the impressive looking weapon. Lady Millicent began asking for the amulet, subtly at first then becoming increasing aggressive as the party refused. She gave them a final warning and when she still didn’t receive her amulet, she attacked.

With that, the party engaged Lady Millicent. Hermi quickly landed a blow, piercing her stomach with his dagger. She simply smiled as he withdrew the dagger to find that the wound was already closed. It became painfully obvious that they weren’t dealing with a human at this point. Lady Millicent was able to land several blows against the party and even temporarily turned Guy against the party but Aldon’s divine power and Guy’s raw strength proved to be too much for her in the end. When Guy landed the final blow against her, she vaporized into a cloud of smoke and floated away into the night, leaving behind even more questions for the party to ponder over.



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