Getting Some Answers

The party does a little research and pieces together the necklace's past


The necklace inscribed with the symbol meaning “Death” that Lady Millicent wanted so much was proving difficult to identify with conventional means due to a curse that had been placed upon it. The party arrives in Arcanum right as night is falling and decides to make their way to Valyrian Syr to see if he can provide any insight on the necklace. The guards at the temple inform the party that Valyrian has stepped down from his position and has disappeared from the temple. The party requests a meeting with the highest ranking member present at the temple and are introduced to Bishop Belmer. Belmer looks over the necklace for a few moments and hands it back, stating that he has no clue as to the necklace’s origins but that the party should consult a sage or historian if they wanted to know more. Everyone agrees to the idea and decides to begin their search in the morning.


The search for a capable historian goes smoothly thanks to Aldon’s talent for socializing. They make their way to the first name on the list of names that Aldon collected. They’re greeted by an excitable elderly man with glasses. When the party presents the necklace, he pauses to think for a moment and claims that he recognizes it from a book he read once. The historian asks the party to leave the necklace in his care for a few days while he does some research. The man seemed trustworthy enough so they party left the necklace with the old man and decided to take care of a few personal errands in the meantime.


After taking two days off to gather themselves and take care of personal business, the party regroups at the home of the historian to see if he has found anything. When he recognizes the group he eagerly ushers them inside and retrieves a book from his desk. He begins reading aloud, one hand holding the book and the other holding the necklace. “Long ago, there was an adventurous but vain lord that sought out a necklace of great power from the powerful witch that created it. It was said that the necklace was what kept the witch eternally beautiful and young. The young lord was able to steal the necklace but the witch then cast a powerful curse on the necklace. If she couldn’t have it, no one could. The curse would rob the necklace of its powers and doom the young lord and his subjects to never find peace in death.” The historian then held up the book for all to see. Inside was a sketch of the necklace he now held in his hand. He cautioned that the tale was a legend and admitted that he was shocked to see it held some truth. Everyone asked if such a young lord truly existed but the historian couldn’t think of anyone that fit.

Determined to find a definitive truth, the group ventured to the nearby wizard college to use the vast library located within. They were able to easily get access thanks to Koil’s position as a priest. They began hitting the books, using all the clues they could think of to narrow their search into something manageable.

(Thought I’d drop a quick FYI for those of you who might be curious about what clues there were to find and use to narrow the search. You guys came up with the idea of using the heraldry from the keep but there were two other ways to narrow the search. The bottles of wine you gathered could have been used to get a more precise date other than “about 200 years ago”. The third clue you never found. The fireplace had a few pieces of paper that could be pieced together to form a few fragments. The pieces of paper would have given you a name to look for and the name of the lord’s district. Just thought it was an interesting thing to throw out there even though you found the info you needed with just one clue.)

After hours of searching through countless books, Aarissa found what she was looking for. Using the heraldry from the keep on a hunch, Aarissa was able to find that it was the family crest of the Millicent family that disappeared two centuries ago. The official history book had no mention of a witch or a necklace but did make a mention of his wife’s disappearance. Shortly after her disappearance, Lord Millicent went into reclusion, as did his entire estate. It wasn’t long before the entire area was forgotten.

The group started putting the pieces together and decided that the necklace must be the one described by the legend. They also questioned whether or not the necklace did truly belong to the vampire they met considering she could easily be the Lady Millicent mentioned in the history book, assuming she was telling the truth. Regardless, now that they were sure the necklace was useful, the party took it to the temple to have the curse removed from it. The priest was able to offer the group a good price and removed the curse with ease. Aarissa and Koil then tried to identify it once again and discovered its abilities weren’t what the legend had told them to be. Still, a necklace that prevented the death of the wearer was valuable.

Once the group got their questions answered, they decided to split up and look for work. Aldon was approached by Bishop Corver who warned that Valyrian Syr’s disappearance wasn’t like him and that something else must be going on. Hermi found travelers that brought rumors of a well-coordinated attack against a town by well-armed kobolds. Guy was stopped by a desperate man that claimed his daughter was ill and the only thing capable of curing her was a leaf from the Caiman Bush. Aarissa found his claims to be a little odd since she had never heard of the Caiman Bush having healing properties. Still, the group decided to take the job and made preparations to journey to the city far to the south where the stranger told them the bush grew.



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