Farewall to the Church

The party returns the Crown and moves on to other work


The party arrives at the city late at night and make their way to the temple of Valyrian Syr to return the Crown and hand over Martin Preese. The guards at the temple inform the party that Valyrian is currently asleep but they quickly move to retrieve him when the party says they’ve completed their mission.

Valyrian politely greets the party and remarks on how quickly the group’s number is growing. When the party presents the Crown, he is quickly taken aback and confirms, without a doubt, that this is indeed the real thing. The party tells the tale of their adventure and points out that the man with them is responsible. The temple guard takes Martin Preese into custody for questioning and his eventual execution. Valyrian asks the party to return to him in the morning for their reward.

Everyone decides to turn in and head to Valyrian in the morning. However, before everyone can get settled in, Aldon is approached by a noble woman that seems visibly upset. She introduces herself as Lady Millicent and begs Aldon to help her. After calming her down, Aldon is able to learn that her keep was overrun by a necromancer and his undead spawn. Lady Millicent is unable to provide much information beyond that since she claimed to be away during the attack. As a reward, she offered a necklace she said was hidden within her keep. Aldon assures her that he will help.

In the morning, the party receives their reward from Valyrian and makes their way toward the noble woman’s keep.



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