The calendar is divided into 12 months. Each month has three weeks. Each week has nine days. This makes the year 324 days long.


The months, in order, are called: Melas, Jurtas, Marlesti, Trelista, Mureska, Vurlen, Verista, Trysk, Stenall, Nursesk, Kesrul, and Burske. This calendar is based off a calendar proposed by an astronomer and as such, the months were named after the dominant constellation that month. Winter occurs during Melas, Jurtas, and Marlesti. Telista, Mureksa, and Vurlen are spring months. Verista, Trysk, and Stenall are summer months. And autumn goes through the months of Nursesk, Kesrul, and Burske.

Days of the week

The days of the week, in order, are called: Erday, Attaday, Neldeday, Cantaday, Lemday, Enday, Soday, Toloday, Mettaday. The first eight days were named after the Thullian words for one through eight. Er=One, Atta=Two, and so on. The ninth day means End day in Thullian.


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