Dealing with the Cultists

The day begins and ends with a chase

After some discussion, the group decides that a tracker may not be as big of a help as they previously thought considering the traffic on the southern road. They instead began their search and headed south in pursuit. After a few hours of walking, they came across the scene of a recent battle. An empty wagon was overturned on the side of the road and a few bodies were scattered about. Everyone seemed to be dead except for a man in the now familiar blue robes. His breathing was erratic and it became clear that he would die without help. Koil decided to heal the man so that the group could question him. The blue robed man wasn’t very forthcoming with information and seemed to prefer death over giving away secrets. The group was able to determine that the wagon was attacked because it carried something the cult wanted and that the group was indeed responsible for the theft of the crown. Using a strange brand of interrogation, Aarissa was also able to deduce that the man liked the smell of boiled potatoes. Having gotten everything they could out of him, the group tied him to a tree and continued down the road.

It wasn’t long before they came across wagon tracks and quite a few footprints leading off the road towards a hill. When they investigated the hill they found a passage that led to an underground complex. Their presence didn’t go unnoticed and soon they were attacked by several of the blue robe wearing cultists. The group made their way through the complex with fighting breaking out occasionally. A strange circular room caught their attention but seemed to be locked. Hermi was able to open the lock but didn’t spot the trap in the door’s knob. When Aldon opened the door he was pricked by a small poison needle. Fortunately, he was able to shrug off the poison without too many ill effects. Hermi found another locked door in his path and was more careful this time, spotting and disabling another needle trap in the door before unlocking it. Inside the room they found a small chest sitting on a desk. When they opened it they found a large pouch of gold, a map, and a letter addressed to the Voran guy who wrote the previous letter. The letter seemed to suggest that the crown had been moved and Voran was to meet with someone later at the location detailed on the map. The party stashed away the chest and continued on through the complex.

The party soon stumbled upon Voran’s chamber. Hermi was able to quickly dispatch the female cultist that occupied the room with him. Voran quickly made a dash to the back wall and opened a secret passage. A long and tense chase followed. Voran was obviously prepared to make such an escape and had deployed caltrops in the narrow secret chamber to slow the party down. He then made use of the scroll of invisibility he had hidden in the secret passageway to make good his escape. Or so he thought. Hermi’s keen elven ears were able to discern his general location and he began tossing vials of Alchemist Fire in that direction. One of the vials struck true and revealed his location long enough for Aarissa to cast a Grease spell. Voran had a hard time with the grease, falling down repeatedly. The party nearly cornered him before he was able to escape the grease and cast a grease spell of his own in a narrow hallway. Only Hermi and Aarissa were able to keep their balance through the grease as Voran neared the exit. To make sure of his escape he cast a spell that sent two streaks of energy at Hermi, sending him to the ground. With Hermi down, everyone thought for sure Voran would make it out alive…except for Aarissa who pulled out her longbow and sent an arrow straight through his heart. With his death, the party seemed to have accomplished everything they could so they gathered up the loot and headed back to Valyrian Syr to see if he could locate the area on the map they had obtained.



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